I lead and develop software engineering teams to build depth and improve process, and to ensure we continue to deliver great business-enabling products now and in the future. My focus is on the confluence between strategy, technology, and product to drive better outcomes for the end-user and for the business.


Atlassian — Engineering Manager


Ordermentum — Head of Engineering

AUG 2017 - NOV 2019

  • Worked with the CEO and head of product to identify, scope and deliver key product initiatives in support of the business strategy

  • Grew the engineering team from 6 to 15, comprised of junior, mid-level and senior engineers

  • Provided both formal and informal mentoring to all members of the team

  • Developed the initial Kotlin services for the company and contributed to the conversion of key projects from JavaScript to Kotlin

  • Converted projects from JavaScript to Typescript and educated the teams in how to use types to ensure working software

Thinkmill — Senior Software Engineer

OCT 2016 - AUG 2017

  • Led teams in the development of green and brownfields client projects

  • Delivered projects in NodeJS and React as well as React Native

  • Ran internal training sessions on new technologies and methods

  • Was a key point of contact for clients, managing their expectations during delivery

Domain — Software Engineer

SEP 2015 - OCT 2016

  • Delivered high performance React applications for SEO critical products

  • Designed, built and released a novel approach to server-side rendering of React application

  • Maintained tooling to simplify working with the many separate repositories of frontend components

  • Delivered a microsite framework and strategy to transition legacy applications improving client performance metrics by a significant margin

  • Acted as an informal coach, educating and training both JavaScript and .Net developers on the correct use of React and NodeJS

Jobready — Software Engineer

JAN 2015 - SEP 2015

  • Developed and implemented the ReactJS and modern JavaScript strategy for a greenfield project

  • Updated Javascript tooling, best practices and internal documentation

  • Developed and architected microservices within a Service Oriented Architecture strategy

Approsport — Software Engineer

FEB 2014 - DEC 2014

  • Upgraded and maintained a legacy Ruby on Rails codebase

  • Built a set of microservices around data capture, enrichment and API provisioning

  • Managed a team of 5 developers through a total rewrite

  • Developed greenfield projects targeting social interactions in existing markets


UNSW — Bachelor of Engineering

Graduated with Honours from UNSW in the field of Electrical Engineering with a focus on software development, problem solving and system analysis.

Major achievements include earning a High Distinction for an Honours Thesis as well as acceptance of a co-authored paper to an IEEE conference in the field of Software-Defined Networking.


  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, ReasonML, KotlinJS

  • Backend: NodeJS, Kotlin, Haskell, Ruby

  • Database: SQL, PostgreSQL, various NOSQL

  • OPS: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS

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